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I know it’s some I need to do, much as I want to keep going, this time ima try my best to stick with quitting and my brother is also trying to with me. Still sucks tho and boy am I feigninggggg -straight dyin x/

I do have this zero % Nic juice tho and it’s been pretty helpful keepin me sane lol. I love the fidget-ability of a vape and that’s easily the most addictive part to me. So, gettin through the withdrawals hasn’t been nearly as difficult as it was the first time.

It’s only been 3 days, but I can already see changes coming back such as my head feelin clearer (if that makes sense?) and I’m having more vivid dreams as well. I was having a lot of spiritual experiences the first time I tried to quit and it felt like I was being punished after relapsing cause I just crashed hard af afterwards and a lot of things in my life went downhill. 

-Here’s to round 2!

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Mixie Pixie

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so so proud of u, man!! ik it's hard as hell. :( U got this <3

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Haha thank youuu!

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