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okay can we stop w/ the rage bait blogs

no cutesy layout cause i'm kind of mad abt this tbh

ever since i returned from my eternal slumber to see this site become a dumpster fire ive been dreading going anywhere on this site that's not bulletins, can we please just stop doing rage bait blogs or atleast yknow IGNORE THEM?

i know very well you're all aware that those blogs are bait so why tf are you even responding to them?

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I hate this so much. Like keep that shit inside twiiter, Facebook etc. Don't try to do that stuff acting dramatic and whatever. We don't do that here. We speak about coding, life, things to do, etc etc. why TF would anyone want to hear your winging. you know what I mean???

I relate to this blog.

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Ong i am sick and Tired of people saying proship is ok or making a whole block called a kys Message at this point I’m just been blocking people

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same here i've been on spacehey for a whole year and just now am i using the block feature

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Ong i just want to make friends

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