Gender + Names

RAHHH, depending how I express my gender identity, I realized my name tends to internally change?? I go by multiple names such as Ady, Aine, Adeline, Ainella, Egg, Summer, Sumi, Suni, Lucille and Pup. I realized when I feel more like Pup i'm more of a he/him/it. Like it brings me joy and I feel like a scrunkly muffin ngl. Ady make's me feel loved and warm and i go by he/she when I feel like I'm an Ady!! Egg is so he/him coded, then Ainella, Aine and Lucille are she/her. I tend to feel like my gender identity is name correlated too. Like I feel like the 'character' I am playing. It's definitely the AuDHD in me.

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