Violet bent backwards over the grass by Lana del rey

"Thanks to the locals

ran away from you to Lake Arrowhead

I didn't tell you where I was going

I knew I had a 24 hour grace period before you were done making

your film

I went to an aa meeting

And my share read like a tale of a battered housewife

I felt everyone's eyes on me

The rehab kids in the back row stopped throwing spitballs at

each other and stared at me

I fucking hate my life.

I waited after the meeting in the parking lot for any of the

local ladies

to come up to me

Only one did, Kira.

"I don't really have much advice for you" she said

I was in over my head out of my league

In the wrong place wrong season wrong time wrong face and I knew it

But I didn't know what to do

You asked me to marry you

You said your mother was dying and you couldn't fathom your life without a woman in it.

I was tempted but it didn't seem like a good enough offer

I wanted more than that even though I've never had anything.

Not one person to call if I changed my dollar in for quarters to ask what they thought about it.

But there's always been just a little tiny piece of me inside the size of a small slice of angel cake that knew

somewhere somehow

That I deserved better than someone like you.

never call crumpled up

my little yellow pamphlet with the dambers on it that I would

So I got back into my truck in the dark

Kira with her local area code and gratefully also her" -LANA DEL REY

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