I made a blinkie!!

TRANS WEREWOLF BLINKIE!!! this is the first blinkie I've made ever so far

also please credit me if you can if you use it- mostly since the werewolf is a kinda oc of mineĀ 


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Oliver Oil

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Hi! if you don't mind, how do you make a blinkie? I really wanna make some but i've no clue how.

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I WENT ON LIKE a pixel art website and made a gif with the like 150 x 20 dimensions and just like. drew the frames

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Ok, thankies sm!

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as a trans werewolf THIS IS SO COOL. werewolves r so integral to my gender (cant spell transformation without trans lol). you get me.

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OMGOMG HShS TY!! Werewolves are so so so important to me as far as like my trans identity and its sossoso cool to see someone else who is the same HSHDSHD (yes so real, TRANSformation)

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FUCK YEAH. i have another friend who feels the same way too and its just. nice, i dont really have many werewolf friends in general... he also made a werewolf pride flag and its pretty neat

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hell yeah! and that looks so sick

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