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quick PS

of course the towing company was almost too late to be of any use, but now they know to stay the fuck out of our spot. or I assume that they know, next time they'll just have to go crying to the towing company, our hands are tied. should've only needed one warning but apparently you dipshits can't fucking read, that's not our problem.

oh sure the manager replaced her towing company card and even gave me one, but I'm still irrittated she's trying to bleed us dry. the tow truck guy did give her the direct number now, so one way or the other this is over for good. we're fucking done.

SO she made some calls, one of which is my dad... definitely questionable legality with what the slumlord bitch manager is doing, but when the fuck has that ever stopped, well anybody? exactly.

so I got back on the hunt for a new section 8 home although I don't know what the fuck they expect us to do with a 1500 voucher when everything else may as well start at 1500 dollars and one cent? well it's closer to 1600-1700 but anyway same diff, doesn't really do jack shit for us.

but she was due to call housing considering what the slumlord bitch was trying to pull so, hopefully we can get some answers on that. surely there's some way we can get a combo deal and up the amount the tiniest bit so we can actually make use of it and finally tell the slumlord bitch to drop dead? so we'll see.

the one plus is it sounds like nina and faith have a playdate? hopefully it goes well they've been windowsill buddies for freaking ever, lol.

anyway she wasn't hungry and I didn't feel like putting much effort into dinner so more pizza rolls it is. maybe if everyone hadn't taken turns straight up shitting all over us I would've been willing to put some more effort into dinner, but no it wasn't meant to be.

just ready for tomorrow we get paid again. cus I'm definitely over everything for the month and could use a treat.

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same im hitting the steam sales hard tomorrow. as soon as my check comes in. its rent and out to eat tomorrow. i get lunch/you get dinner?

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oh for sure yeah might do that for a couple little things, probably pick up raiden 3 off of amazon and maybe a few saturn games I had my eye on. I know ya wanted area 51 and twinbee, may pick up one more but that might be it for my gaming stuff since that shouldn't put me too much over.

and yeah if you want mcd's for lunch I'll get subway or something for dinner. usually go bigger but if I gotta save something for post-surgery another fast food order will probably hurt less. and then however you wanna do groceries we definitely need something asap.

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i was gonna get mcDs tomorrow since i wanted that shake

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oh yeah I remember you saying that! yeah yknow what I'll mix it up and get some nuggs just get me some buffalo and a couple of the ranch and that should do me for lunch. maybe I'll try a bit of the shake see if I like it and maybe next time I'll get one.

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