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▶ intro :3

▏ hayy :333 idk if i actually need to do an intro or not.. but its here!


my name is adrien but i also go by lars or charlie online

- he/him, end/ender, vwoop/vwoopself, chirp/chirpself

- a guy

- unlabelled sexuality

- artist + writer

- reads a lot (currently reading abt ghosts)

- theistic satanist

- furry

- c!techno fictionkin+ enderman otherkin, wingedhuman otherkin, stolas fictionkin


i have a wide variety of interests, mainly it comes to stuff like games, streamers, music, bands, and content ive consumed throughout my life and a few other things

- murder drones

- digital circus

- ranboo, billzo, aimsey, slimcicle, jerma

- generation loss

- korn, limp bizkit, motley crue, metallica, type o negative, kiss, guns n roses and obviously more

- five nights at freddy's

- i like astronomy and stars!!

- creepypasta (especially jeff the killer)

- minecraft (big one)

- spiderverse related things (i like spiderman in general but i dont know enough stuff abt it that i dont consider it a proper interest of mine)

- helluva boss

- dialtown (if ur a dialtown fan PLEASE TALK TO ME)

i also really like writing and storytelling in any sense


feels weird to do a dni list bc i dont know things that arent obvious??

- anybody that judges others for things they cant control or arent harmfully affecting them + others by (this includes furries, therians, specific religions etc)

- ptwt, pedos, generally disgusting people, basic dni ig

- not much of a dni, but i dont like associating with people who are fans of dream or gnf etc, but i wont do anything about it if ppl who do, do interact

- again, not much of an dni bc its not that serious but i really hate recent rap music.. if u like it i have a feeling we wont get along? idk

 this will be updated whenever it needs to be :3

▏you can add me on here and talk to me on here obvi, but you can also add me on discord if u look on my profile


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