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Intro survey that I found floating around here

👌Name(s)? Cammy or Zeus :)

🍄Pronouns? He/Him

🔐Relationship Status? Single AF

🌈Orientation(s)? Straight

🐉Zodiac Sign? Sun= Capricorn, Moon = Gemini, Rising = Scorpio

💅Do you wear makeup? I used to wear eye liner at concerts if that counts?

✨Favourite aesthetic? Scene / Goth / Emo, oh and flamingos. I love anything with            flamingos involved

🔮Any advice you would have given 10 y/o you? Focus on yourself more. Dont waste your time trying to please others when you need to focus on yourself.

🍀What's your favourite season? WINTER!!!!

🎃Favourite holiday? Halloween

🌁Are you from the city or country? Both? Raised in the country, but lived in the city for years

👾Do you believe in aliens? 100%, pretty sure Im probably an alien

⏰what time is it currently for you? 10:03

📞Do you prefer to text or call? Texting all the way! I get awkward as hell on phonecalls

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