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mini tutorial: clearing a profile's customization

Occasionally while browsing Spacehey, you come across a profile that has some intense customization done to it, and while it can be admirable to look at it, it can also be problematic for navigation and accessibility reasons. This mini-tutorial is to help you clear the custom CSS from another user’s profile temporarily so that you can navigate easier! Whether it’s to see or click a link better, avoid eye strain, hard to view colors, or something else entirely.

Some things to note:

  • This script was created by user Virtual Machine and was posted once as an expiring bulletin over a year ago. His account hasn’t been active in a year nor has the script been posted anywhere more accessible, hence this blog!
  • This script is for desktop only!
  • Occasionally this script removes other parts of a users profile from view as well (visible in my screenshot of my page below). It doesn’t happen to every page, though! This is still the most effective script I’ve found with the lowest error rate. EDIT: Thank you to user Usual Egg for the fix for this! Script works as needed, now.

Lets turn this into this.

The first thing you'll need is the script and the browser that you use the most for Spacehey. I'm using Google Chrome, but the process should be basically the same for most browsers.

Click here for the script.

Once you have copied the script, you want to open your Bookmarks tab on your browser, and add a new bookmark. Most browsers only allow you to quick-add a new bookmark by adding the page you're already viewing (like Chrome, for example), so you may have to navigate into your Bookmarks Manager, or 'editor', or something similar.

Once you've started a new bookmark, you want to paste the script from earlier as the URL to bookmark - and change nothing else - and then name the bookmark something like 'Spacehey CSS clear' or something similar. If you have a toolbar on your browser with the option to have some 'favorite' bookmarks on it for easier navigation, you may want to do that as well.

Now, when you navigate to someone's profile on Spacehey and need to see what it looks like without all of the customizations that the user has added to it, you can just click on your bookmark and it will clear the page back to it's default Spacehey layout. You can view the page with it's regular user-customized appearance by leaving the page and returning to it (without running the script).

Nothing about this script is permanent nor does it effect anyone else's Spacehey experience but your own! It is simply an accessibility tool similar to zooming in and out on your browser or having a screen reader, or brightness adjuster.

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll try my best to help out. If this was useful to you, considering leaving a comment and/or kudos so that others can find it as well!

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Hey, everyone! I’m running for president! I just announced my presidential campaign!

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Thanks for this, I don't think I'm going to put any efforts just to get a better visibility on someone's profile hahah I'm lazyy

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Thanks, this is very helpful

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Thanks a bunch

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