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I SWEAR TO GOD IF THERE IS ONE THE JEWLERY AT SPENCERS FUCKING SUCKS!! >:( First time I got something from there it was a really cute dog tag necklace and within two weeks it broke. I fixed it. It broke again. finally just threw it away. now I buy some ear cuffs and a choker for a concert that is in TWO DAYS and both of them not only break but the ear cuffs dont even fit nor stay on like at all. one of the spikes fell off the choker and it caused it to fall of the ring attaching the two pieces at the front. thank god i was able to pop the spike back on but as for THE SHITTY EAR CUFFS. first of all, the way they stay on your ears is really finicky, at the top there is this hook thingy that hooks onto the top of your ear and at the bottom is one of those really uncomfortable clip thingies (and the padding fell off of the clips making it EVEN MORE uncomfortable) even with the hooks on the top bent to fit my ear better they still barely stayed on they would never survive a concert. like WTF is with this jewelry its so shitty. looking back at the receipt i payed $9 for the ear cuffs and $16.99 for the choker. Im prob gonna return the ear cuffs but idk about the choker since its an easy fix. still mad about it tho >:( 

(fyi also the companies name is body rage)

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