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save the internet!!become digitally literate today!!

now i am fully aware im probs preaching to the choir, since spacehey requires some degree of technical knowledge for most users, even if that knowledge is just how to copy and paste html.
But i've noticed a concerning trend among the youth, atleast in america idk abt elsewhere.
where people just are completely and utterly digitally illiterate.
Firstly what does the term digital literacy mean?
Digital literacy is the ability to use, understand, and create digital content.
Now most people think "but denpadoll IIIIII know how to use a phone/computer". You may be able to use it at a basic level but do you really UNDERSTAND how the very thing most of the modern age is conditioned by, works at a basic level. Im not saying we all need to become software engineers but you should know things like not to click on sussy links, how to find credible information, how everything you post is stored on servers and therefore permanent even if u delete it, NOT TO DOX URSELF (this should be obvious but its not, so many ppl ik have their full names , ive seen ppl w pics of their fucking ids with their addresses, d.o.b and other shit on their instagram), how to do basic troubleshooting on a computer/phone, etc etc.
Now these skills are very important even if they seem obvious, the reason the internet is becoming increasingly unusable and centralized to like 5 apps owned by large corporations is because ppl dont know how to fucking use their computers!!! increasingly we rely on the aforementioned common apps to do anything and become reliant on them for LITERALLY everything. Big tech companies prefer this and foster these kinds of attitudes because we become reliant on their (often proprietary) tech, we become reliant on them to fix anything wrong with our computers, and we are reliant on them for most of our information. Big tech companies get to do as they please, and further ruin the internet and centralize it to like the 5 apps people mostly use.
Everyone is like "i miss the 2006 internet ;-;" you know why early web was sm fun? because it was mostly run by hobbyists who had computer knowledge having fun, sharing information and connecting. So if we want an internet renaissance more ppl r gonna have to learn how to actually use what they spend most of their time on.
rant over thx sm if u actually read this to the end ^_^

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Edgar Allan Hoe

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this is so real like I was in a computer science class this one time and i asked my teacher about this really goofy display in the classroom that talked about this thing called a "digital driving license". And he told me it was this thing to encourage the younger kids aged 11-12 to learn how to use the computers and one of the milestones included the most basic shit like logging into your student account, creating folders, following filepaths, hell, even saving your work!

Honestly I dont even have the slightest guess as to why gen alpha and a worrying amount of gen z struggle to use tech theyve grown up around. One of my friends is from a really poor household and doesnt have a computer at home and hes one of the most tech-savvy ppl I know, he codes a bunch of really interesting stuff on the school computers whenever he has access so Im thinking poverty isnt as much of a factor.

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Poverty might be a factor, but in the opposite way we would expect.

People who are richer can afford all the things needed to use those "5 apps" OP referenced, so they become more reliant on them, which means they don't really learn digital literacy.

However, people who are poorer might not be able to afford all those things, which means they don't use those services as often and become less reliant on them, so in cases where they do have access to digital services, they become more digitally literate.

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