SEEING SWS N THE USED (sws song reccs?)

omg im seeing the used for the second time this summer on sept 8th :33 im so lucky n so excited eeeep!!

i'm not super into sws, ive heard a few of their songz but id appreciate some reccs!

AAAAH i cant waitttt <33333

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electric ace o__<

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with ears to see and eyes to hear:
some awesome ones that aren't the 'classics' would have to be with ears to see and eyes to hear (song), the left side of everywhere, dance party (true sws fans know the lyrics to it.. BAHAHAH LISTEN AND YOULL SEE), and captain tyin knots vs mr walkway r some of my favs :3

let's cheers to this:
another hella good album; a trophy father's trophy son, do it now remember it later, four corners and two sides (oh my god!? so FUUCKIN GOOD), and ofc cheers to this <3

from their newer album complete collapse:
bloody knuckles, crosses (daaang, usually when old-ish emo bands release newer songs they don't feel the same, but this one really brings that great, classic SWS music back)

those r sum of my favs from SWS :33 hope u like em!!!

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aww tysm :33 cant wait 2 go 2 the concert with u <333 ur da best i loveeee you

by Julz is a zombiee!!!!!!!; ; Report

me 22!!!! luv u 2!!! X33

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by Julz is a zombiee!!!!!!!; ; Report


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