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Life Advice pt 3: Revenge Is A Hot Place Like Hell

Today, I made a mistake. A big one. Well to be more precise, I made a few mistakes that got me where I am now. So I have a friend. Let's call him...Jayson. We used to be pretty close. We're not as close anymore which is okay but back when we were close we had some pretty questionable conversations one might say. One of them included something VERY incriminating (not something very bad but this would let out one of his secrets or something) about Jayson. Yknow I screenshot it and use it as blackmail as one does. And so months later when we finally start talking again he shows me a VERY incriminating photo of me from my cousin(which is weird 'cause my cousin should NOT have that photo either) because for some reason he has my cousin added? And so I beg him to delete the photo and that I would do ANYTHING for him to delete the damn photo. so he tells me okay then tell me who you like and I'm like bro that's a harmless question so I tell him I like someone let's call them errmmm Lucas I don't fucking know at this point. And so he's like okay tell Lucas you like them and I'm like they already know and he's like ermmmm krill yourself and I'm like haha bitch take that and he's like don't push it or I will post this photo so y'know I shut the fuck up. then hes like URETHRA 🤓 and it is a long fucking story but some how in this mix of things he calls me a certain name and I say a certain something...........yeah and anyways he's like "haha loser got what I'm using Im sending this to 40 people" and im just likemw hat and so could I come out and post the very incriminating thing about Jayson, yeah. Will I? Nahhh cuz im a good person (This is probab ly very well a lie) but for COMPLETE CONTEXT TO THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW I SAID THIS I did not mean in a litteral way IT WAS A JOKE YALL I PROMISE okay now I think Ima go dark for a while I dont know. maybe take a very very very long nap until I wake up and im not embarrased anymore I dont know.

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