right-wing and anti-everything: your wounds must be deep because you are bleeding all over me

the rise of right-wing, anti-everything movement.

especially across news outlets. there's no denying there's a big issue with spreading hatred and bullying when it comes to devastating issues like racism, transphobia, misogyny etc.

but there's been an enhancement of it in a lot of media in the past year because of how we have been using social media to share infographics, rave on about the importance of our rights and showing compassion to one other through mutual aid.

remember 2020? remember george floyd, remember brianna taylor, remember the climate crisis, remember the pandemic.

we are still doing these things. progress hasn't been lost. i must admit i slipped into a deep despair because i kept consuming demoralising and negative content either on the news or social media. but that's exactly what it's supposed to do, isn't it?

it's not like we've lost ourselves or our essence or our communities. yes, there has been an increase in atrocious bans and laws that go against our very human rights.

while the right is inflamed about freedom of speech they are taking away human rights. that is not a fair bargain. but they have to react in these abominable ways because we are strong.

it's like that little poem. we remain soft and kind, despite despite despite.

people all over the world are continuously fighting for their voices to be heard. and no not just to spew bullshit and hatred but to tell their stories and share their achievements. this is what community is all about. standing firm in the face of adversity.

always focus on the bigger picture but sometimes minimising the zoom helps with context: when someone is shouting at you or standing over you to dominate the discussion, they are trying to manipulate you and make you feel small because they want control.

some things conservatism does is inexcusable. no one should lie and spread hatred about 'the other'. no one deserves power over anyone.

but i will say i hope they can heal themselves and let love in their hearts because happy people don't spread hatred and say vile things about other people.

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Both sides are lost causes! They done nothing to improve their own soil and just divide the country even further.

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Shadow Bliss

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I'm an Absurdist. I acknowledge that human life doesn't ACTUALLY matter but instead of "oh god! Why bother with anything?!" its "Okay...blank check to do just about anything" (I'd argue absurdism of that kind needs an "empathy clause" of "everyone is in the same situation.") So yeah, do anything so long as you don't interfere with anyone else's ability to do anything.

I think that's the right attitude for dealing with these fucking idiots that are all "TRADITIONAL VALUES! BACK TO THE 1950'S!" (They COULD use that to mean "where a single salary could buy a house, feed a family of 4, send kids to decent schooling, where people had cool fashion, classic rock/jazz/blues played on the radio and going to the cinemas is 2 movies and a cartoon?" but no - its the shit version of that idea) is to just emotionally separate from their bullshit as much as realistically possible. Do what's needed and by all means help those in danger but if its just some random's shit opinions online or a celebrity insulting their audience for being offended that the celebrity insulted their audience...don't bother. They're not worth the aggravation.

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youre so right! they arent worth the aggression and id argue their values arent even values other than raining on peoples parades and taking away peoples freedoms while crying about freedom of speech haha. absurdism surely is a way to embrace this life and we might as well make sure everyone is having a good time trying to make sense of it all :)

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Jon 🐇

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Well said :)

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thanks Jon 🐰✌️

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