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Is anyone else a fan of IASIP?

I’ve been obsessed with it for years and it’s so hard to find people who also enjoy it. 

If you haven’t seen it I would definitely recommend, some of the older episodes are outdated but the newest seasons are great. They maintain the same humour but keep it appropriate, they do an amazing job showing the development of characters. 

Not in a villain to a hero way but in a getting more and more insane and stupid way. 

Anyways I want someone to chat to about it!

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mee i love it

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Bael Sabirus

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same , Ive like finished binged watching the show last year i got to tell you i love it , Season 16 been going strong with my fav being " The Gang Gets Cursed", its rly amazing, My fav character of all is Charlie because hes probably a relatable character to me cuz hes a WILD CARD LOL. Yeah and im happy to discuss the show in depth , like I just joined so Im new to this but im cool discussing the show

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