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I'm thinking of changing my strand...

My first ever entry and it's about changing my strand; to be completely honest, I'm thinking of doing this since I want to change.. I feel like the change of pace between my current strand to STEM is terrifying but if I can do it in a private school be4(get high grades) then I can totally do it in a public school.

Though, I'm scared since I know that my brain dumbed down a bit ever since the pandemic, I'm still stuck on being an 8th grader but I now want to change that, it's been 3 years and I'm almost done with my school year at 11th grade and.. it's just intimidating. But I want to do it, though my friends gave me a pep talk earlier about what does on in their strand and stuff, I still am seriously terrified at the thought of changing so suddenly and meeting new people, I feel like I may even cry at some situations (I'm just anxious at public speaking frfr). 

Shit, what do I do

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