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Rant about Daganronpa/danganronpa
I know I have "working on a daganronpa fangame" in my bio, But I am not one of those fans who write cp, about minors and a lot of other disgusting stuff. Sure I was in the fandom in 2020. But once drama went down, I dipped, and just came back because from what I've seen the fandom has died down to people missing some of the genuine good cosplayers. I could be wrong, but I saw all over tiktok of people just wanting the fandom to come back for the cosplays.
Not for the drama and all of how that one nagito stan did all that finger chopping stuff.
What I generally saw was some really good cosplays, and people being upset. And I also Just wanted to make a danganronpa/daganronpa fangame because I thought it would be a fun fanmade project- and yeahhh
Just incase people wonder why I have daganronpa and stuff in my profile. I'm a fan of the games, but I don't associate myself with anything problematic. If you're really against danganronpa/daganronpa even after what I said then just don't friend me, I honestly im not sure what to do there, I'm sorry.

Please note im more active on discord. m0on_l0v3rr is still the username, and yeah, Dni basic stuff like homophobes, transphobes, etc. DNI IF UR A GROOMER,PEDO, ETC
Thin ice: Genshin impact fans,people who enjoy webtoons, honestly because after the webtoon "Boyfriends" I've been wanting to not associate with people who read webtoons, I mean as long as you don't read "boyfriends" or anything thats gotten under heavy stuff then we are fine!!

I also do not want a lot of 18+ people sending me requests just because of the fact I'm a minor? I dont mean that in a mean way I just I'm still a minor. And yeah.

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