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lv 42 :D also my first lv 40 pokemon and shadow hundo

lv. 42 // 3%

finally level 42! as always, friend exp boost carried me most of the way here


i'm already making some good progress on the lv 42 tasks. i already got the 100k stardust, the 200 supereffective charged attacks i can grind easily w team rocket and raids, and i just need one more legendary/mythical pokemon which i can get from a raid. i'm pretty close to getting 1 more plat medal to earn 5 total plat medals; i can either catch enough water type pokemon for the plat medal for that, or i can evolve clamperl and hope it turns into huntail for the hoenn pokedex plat medal.

today i saw a claydol in the area near my work and i ran outside to catch it xD it was drizzling too but a little bit of rain doesn't stop true gamers

i also leveled up my tyranitar to obtain my first lv 40 pokemon! took a lot of stardust and candy to get here


i actually didn't realize i leveled it up so high, i think i misunderstood what level it was before i started powering it up. and then before i knew it, i had a level 40 on my hands xD

actually perfect timing bc mega tyranitar is about to make its debut this month! i saw leek duck's post about july events and raids are gonna be crazy this month. i basically need every 5-star raid legendary except regidrago for my dex.

lastly here's my first shadow hundo :) just a lil natu, i love her sm


not super practical but just a cool lil trophy. i feel bad for calling it that though lol i almost feel like purifying it to release her from her agony x(

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