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seattle pride!

went to my first ever pride parade yesterday! crazy. i've been to pride fests before but for fairly obvious reasons, the ones in indiana where i grew up were always very lame.

it was nice to go to an event with SO many people celebrating, and to see what pride looks like in a big city. of course it was very corporate--literally watched meta, mcdonalds, target, and AMAZON (hiss) all march in the parade which sucked. but also there was stuff that just never could've happened in indiana, including a group of nudists on bikes cycling around (full dick, balls, and pussy on display lmao) and multiple sex positivity and fetish gear groups which was fun.

overall, parades are kind of middle ground as far as super fun activities go, so next year i think i'll make more of an effort to attend at least one Other pride event that's more like a dancing thing or a festival party type of thing. but still, it was fun, and it's great to see so much love for the gays!

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