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DNI 😁😁

Bleedman supporters, proshippers, dream smp fans, emily youcis/alfred alfer fans (you guys are annoying as hail!!!) racists, homophobes, transphobes, people named keni (I will pour milk all over you and slam you against the wall if ur names keni) grimandy shippers, rebecca sugar supporters, anti-furs (you guys are so damn annoying) if ur against me crushing on fictional characters, DDLG/ABDL/Baby fur, any varient of your nastyasses

THIN ICE: kpop fans, hazbin/helluva fans (you guys are all the same to me) SOME ena fans, cishet people, abledbodied/neurotypical people

Don’t be afraid to ask about the fandoms/reasons!! I don’t mind ^_^

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