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How life is going (june/2023)

It's been a while since i posted something here because seriously, why the users here are so closed? Like, no one interacts with no one, people only add other users for growing up their friend's list, I miss MySpace93, at least there people really seemed to revive the old golden days of the internet.

Anyway, well, im still getting used to the new life, I still haven't got a job and it seems that i will be obligated to work for free for some school just to fucking graduate (my country's education being full of bureaucracy as always) and im still far from going after my dream but hey, at least sometimes i get to eat something tasty. I'm still dealing with my skin problem, but im dealing with it better than before, i'm doing the treatment like the dermatologist told me but i fucked up last month and it returned to it's bad state, well, i learned a lesson.

My health is not that bad but i will have to measure way more the sugar i consume, my glucose is too high, i will have to give a time to sweets and candy.

I walked alone around the city 2 times in the same week, watched the last spiderverse movie and got a little emotioned thinking about the first one, i was just a 15 year old girl full of dreams in the first year of high school, i was kinda popular and not so lonely like nowadays, remember doing my spidersona design in my aunt's house (before she got divorced) in the middle of december, my uncle pointed at it and called it spider-woman lol, i ate so much in that christmas eve...

If i knew that my life would became like this... I would be different in the past.

In conclusion: Ok, not happy, miserable, trying to recover, but still breathing (even with my deviated septum).

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