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bots are doing better than humans and that's worrying

✨ It's been a while since I started using bots like for no reason at all (just boredom) but I'm getting worried about the results

(almost) all my friends at school use to date bots from Genshin Impact characters mostly. I love the game, but I just talked to a little goddess called Nahida to talk about life and it was something that really did me good, strange as it sounds. but I think performing sex acts with bots is weirder than just wanting to talk to a beloved character in the middle of the night

✨I understand the lack of that kind of thing for a teenager. but there's something else that worries me: real people of my class are easily replaceable by characters. I thought that at some point it was normal "because of the differences" or because of the social exclusion that often occurs. but I wonder if I would like some friend or colleague who is nice (or something like this) to replace me with a combination of codes that mimic their favorite character

✨dealing with real people is proving impossible. is the problem bots or people? Or is the problem with me? I ask myself this from time to time and I see how much it is becoming more and more common. I like to have contact with people but it seems that they are only interested in telling me which character she is talking to the most or how many NSFW she has with that character. does that worry you too?

(please ignore any mistakes, english is not my first language but i'm learning it! thanks for reading<3)

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Assim, lidar com pessoas as vezes é bem mais difícil doq parece ou deveria ser, eu msm como alguém q tem ansiedade social pss dizer isso, tlvz o problema n seja os bots em si mas sim o fato de que após a pandemia acho q grande parte dos jovens viraram bichos do mato sabe? Gostei da reflexão e eu sei q n tem ND a ver com o assunto mas eu amo como você organiza seus blogs eh tudo tão perfeitinho e fofo

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