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Spider-Man Noir Review (2009 vs 2020)

So, I just finished reading both issues of the Spider-Man Noir series! I found that both of them were really different from each other, so I decided to compile my opinions about each! If you disagree with any of my thoughts, that's totally cool, this is just what I got from reading both of them back to back! 

OKAYYY so... they're really different. That much is obvious. Honestly? I would say that 2009 is better than 2020 in terms of story and overall tone, but 2020 is better than the 2009 version in terms of art direction and visual style!

2009 Noir still had that signature comic book style that was prevalent for decades before, and doesn't really do anything interesting to make it stand out from other comics with the "Noir" feel. Not to say the art is bad, its very good! I just wish they could have done more to make the comic feel more 1930's-esque. 

The 2020 comic does the art direction so much better!! Cohesive color palettes without it looking washed-out, and appropriate use of black and white while still including some color! Also, the heavy stylistic contrast throughout the story makes some of the panels look SUPER cool. I love how the dark shadows make Peter's glasses resemble his suit's goggles sometimes! Really cool touches like that make the 2020 comic stand out a lot more, and I cant help but think they got some inspiration from Spiderverse, which came out in 2018. 

As for story, 2020 did WAY too much. Like. They put everything in there and didn't develop it properly whatsoever. I'm not gonna get into spoilers, but it just felt really crowded. And it wasn't really Spider-Man going on missions, it was Peter parker going on missions. It also felt more like an Indiana Jones story, but I can only assume that's what they were going for. I want sleuth detective stuff and fighting for the implementation of socialist programs amidst the Great Depression!! Not, well, fighting a Babylonian goddess and an army of the undead. To be fair, we got to see Spider-man punch nazis, so that was cool. 

But anyways, really enjoyed both of them for different reasons! I'm reading Web of Scarlet Spider next, so maybe I'll put out a review of that one too!

- bones

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