all abt vs angels !!!

i am not promoting anything im just sharing something i like atm :)

- there have been 41 angels since 1997

- the most sought after measurements are 34 bust, 24 waist, 34 hips, weight actually doesn't matter if measurements are close to that !

- the average height ranges from 5'8-6'0 and average weight is 115

- some tips from them include using coconut oil 4 everything, blush on eyelids to cancel out blue veins, and frequent detoxes

- most of them get spray tans before the shows and a slightly darker foundation shade makes them glow more

- blowing kisses and winking is surprisingly important

- most of them workout for at least an hour a day and frequent exercises are cardio, yoga, and pilates

- most of them dont completely cut certain foods from their diets, just limit it

- usually 2 weeks before shows they eat less than 1500 calories

- protein and vegetables are the most important parts of their diet

- lemon water with chia seeds is something they frequently drink

- my personal fav is adriana lima and one day i hope i can be one :3


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You're totally a catch and super gorgeous I just know you're going to be one of them one day!

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thank you so much :D that means a lot !!

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