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hiiiii guys ^_^ how do i work this thing :3 omg i feel soooo clumsy THIS SITE IS CONFUSING TO MY BRAIN SO HAR D WHAT TJE FUCIK IS A BLOG I BARLEY KNWO

baiiii ^_< :PP

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A blog is liekeee its for more permanent stuff u wanna put on ur profile, like dni pages and info abt ur self. theres also bulletins but the difference is that bulletins disappear in abt 10 days :P

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oh lord BRO thank u for explaining but this will never not confuse me

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THATS FINE LOL u dont ever like HAVE TO use blogs or anything, just when u wanna say something. u can also set who sees it in stuff. so it can be like a personal diary to just scream into if you set it to you or friends can only view it lol.

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didnt mean to put a period sorry im not aggressively informing you on blogs RAHAHA

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