All pinned up

An open door at the end of my hallway,

The slight glow of florescent lights that shakes me to my core,

The moths you so carefully pinned and hung up on display,

the constant urge to ask for more.

I silently creep through a house I own,

leaving no signs of my existence,

I try to become a ghost,

If you saw me you would laugh at my hesitance.

Wings hang low from my back,

the only reason why you bother keeping me near,

I sit with you to watch TV,

I am trying to hide the fear.

One morning I will wake,

all pinned up,

a moth on display,

tonight I have no need for wings,

I have become comfortable with my reality as prey.

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it's really good! i feel like it could do with a bit of adjusting to make it a slight more understandable, but it's solid! great work :)

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Thank you for the feedback, I'll work on making my stuff more clear :)

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i love this so much, for me it encapsulates the fear of being in a toxic relationship always wondering when your going to be toyed with next.

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katherine ˖ ࣪⭑

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sososososo good i love the moth imagery

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