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Last Moment of a Memory Core

As I lay down and my eyes start to get tired, from down here I could see the dirt underneath the sofa. I also noticed a hole in the floor which ants had been crawling up, which I hadn't noticed before. In the ceiling, there were some cobwebs I forgot to clean up. Down here the smell of humidity was more mild. Which felt nice. I Glanced to my left and saw that one fly that had been annoying me for the past hour, It made me deligthed knowing that I won't see that stupid fly anymore.

Something catched my atention. The landline phone started to ring, but It was far out of my reach. I knew the call was from my husband, I was waiting for that call. I couldn't help myself but to imagine about what he would think seeing me in this position. A few tears started running from my eyes to the hard wood floor.

I tried to lean to my right but for a moment I saw a substance grow from wood, It mixed with my tears. ''It will be hard to clean'' I think I thought to myself, but I don't remember if my words escaped from my mouth.

I really wanted to move, however, my body was in a state of numbness, I couldn't move any of my working limbs. For an instance, I felt a hard pound in my head, it felt like the worst headache I had ever sensed. I wished for my screams to show up but only moans could get out of my mouth.

Then I realised what was happening, but the phone couldn't keep me concetrated, I guess I always knew this was my destiny, but I didn't want to come foward about it. Is this really happening? I'm trying to hard to keep my eyes open but the force it's too much to bare for my weak core.

Someone opened the door.

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