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my fashion life!

I first started out not knowing the style I was wearing, for a YEAR!!!, until I started hanging with my cousin more. eventually we even started making a friend group in 2019, until the girl we started a friend group with did something shitty. and than I didn't want to be friends with her anymore, but that's besides the point. I started to dress more like my cousin, and my friend at the time, more and more everyday. until I didn't see my cousin for awhile, so I turned Vsco, that barely lasted a year, and than I was an e-girl until I just was casual for a little while. until I found out alternative!, I've already listened to the music from when I was 9, and I really liked the style so I started dressing like it. until my mental state got really bad so I had to stop, and plus I've got bored of it I'm the kind of person who can't just be one style. I've got to be more, or I will get bored of myself, so I'm constantly changing basically. anyways so that turned into trad goth, than trad goth turned into 90s grunge type of look. and I loved it I was it actually for a year, but sadly it ended so i went to hippie, I found it cute but I don't think I could be consistent with it. sooo now I'm 4 styles vampire/trad goth, 90s grunge, hippie, and mcbling 2000s. (Ik most of these styles are music based but i listen to the music so I'm good) that's all byeeee xoxo

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