The non-existent human being and the angel punisher made of light

«How can humanity live without my existence? I'm a saviour to all mankind, with the absent of what people call ''me'',they would all be doomed. Karma, as a living being, existing everywhere.

These creatures should be grateful, if I was a bad person they would be rotting in hell at this moment. I'm a child made by god to assist these soulless creatures we call ''people''. Humans are so shallow and boring, they all do their routines without having even one single thought on why they're doing.

Instead, I'm a full-aware functioning being of ligth, whose purpouse on life has already been discovered; eliminating all useless pieces of meat, who take oxigen from other beings, like myself. I'm the angel punisher, the one that doesn't make exceptions, i'm the one that makes sure eveyrone gets what they deserve. Humanity and it's sinfulness, such an interesting topic... so comple-...»

Someone interrupted my thoughts...

-Would you like some coffee miss?- An employee asked

-Sorry, I'm a tea person-.

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No one cares about me

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Lovely work!( ơᴗơ)

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Thank you so much♡

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by No one cares about me; ; Report


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lmao before anyone thinks this is about me read the category ''WRTING AND POETRY'' BECAUSE THIS HAS HAPPEND TO ME BEFORE LIKE THEFUCK

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