poetry i wrote

please don't steal >:(

warning its very long:/ (like me hehe)

also theres four


flowers in a field, black petals drooping

whispers of a dying past,

not so long ago they were thriving 

now they just wont last.

pealing and pulling my leaves 

draped in white ribbon and lace

manged roots drinking the hope of thieves 

under a sky of blood 

dripping with the drooping.

i will never be pure again. 


your whispers under my skin 

eating away never to stop 

when will the healing begin

i'm always calling, oh can i quit

sitting under a dark sky

i walked you homeand now i'm alone

because its 10 and i just want to be home

but i cant be home

you were there...

with me...

under the glistening moon

tonight my tears will fall,

dip down my face and fall

why do i want to fall

get out of my head

your face is blurry now

i cant remember how you looked

maybe its a good thing

but i cant help but not feel complete

blurry faces surround me

oh, who are you

your words fall together 

and i cant hear a thing

there a ringing

that always follows me around

and it always sounds

the ring

and the blur

mean i cant remember anything.

i can do math but i cant speek

i can write, i can sing,

i can try

but i cant win

i will never win your face again.

don't let me sleep anymore

the petals have molded 

trod into the dirt,

down with the mangled roots 

left to burn under your gaze

oh, your judgmental looks

the stem black and inky 

drooping under a sky of blood

dripping down to ones feet

puddling with the dead bugs

the leaves eaten and rotting

eyes lowering away

avoid the sorrowful gaze

avoid the peeling green

one bud of pink

among the fallen flesh

one last chance 

for me to get out of my bed

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