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change how the popular blogs category works, it literally promotes ragebait above all else

yeah i don't care if you get rid of it entirely at this point, but whatever algorithm being used to determine popularity is evidently prioritizing comment counts and hits above all else and as a consequence, at least half of all the "popular" blog posts listed are trolls and burners posting bigoted shit or other rage bait to provoke comments so theyll get on the front page. whatever the algorithm is doing, its not doing it right. i know theyre constantly under pressure, but/so the devs should probably either teporarily take down the popular blogs and rework the system so that they dont have to take the latter option, or seriously crack down manually on the content that the algorithm promotes. having this kinda stuff be promoted to a front-page, regardless of intentions, is unacceptable. and frankly, its leaving a lot of potential new users under the impression that the website condones the behavior. fix yer shit!

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no so true i hate how it works... like this is not interesting at all it's just infuriating & exhausting

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i basically stopped looking at blogs a month into having spacehey, but if it's anything like it was 3 months ago, it's also fucking annoying when someone posts some kinda exposé on someone and all the kiddos start spamming BOOST!!!! in the comments with no second thought, and then another exposé has to be made to explain the last one was fake or something and nobody decided to think critically about what they were seeing, and then it turns into a middle-school-esque snowballing train of bullshit and pointless drama. over like. someone's profile pic or a misunderstood text or the most bafflingly inconsequential shit. im not surprised if people are saying shit intentionally now, they probably saw how much rage people could farm over literally nothing.

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nah dont worry thats half of the remaining posts

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