i feel like a lot of people would benefit from quitting using algorithmic websites

i feel like a lot of people would benefit from what i did, being just deleting all apps that use algorithms and only using privacy frontends. like you can't use corporate apps and expect not to get subjected to the corporate ground spikes that are attempts at subliminal influence and surveillance marketing. you kinda just gotta make the call to get rid of it or get with it. and i know which one im picking

like yeah i just stopped using any official youtube client because the algorithmic sludge is so insufferable. i just use newpipe and invidious because they just do what i fucking ask. search something? heres results. look at the feed? heres a chronological list of the latest uploads by every channel youre subscribed to. also have an extremely useful and simple download button and all sorts of other shit in the simplest easiest to use package ever.

(comment in response to this post and the numerous people agreeing with it)

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