Fight With Two Pitbulls

Good morning, 

Yesterday was an adventurous day for my dog, Sasha. First, she went to a veterinarian for shots and a checkup, and then later in the day, two pitbulls came after her. We were on our walk when a pitbull came up to her and started a fight. Sasha was on a leash but the other dog was not. Sasha did good at keeping the other dog at bay. The owner of the dog came out and tried to get her dog but the dog was not listening. Then suddenly her other dog appeared and tried to get at Sasha. I was thinking 'Oh shoot. I am going to have to release Sasha so that she can better defend herself.' I was worried that the 2 pitbulls were going to kill her. Luckily, the owner of the 2 dogs finally got her dogs under control and back in her yard. What happened is her fence fell down and they put up a makeshift fence that the dogs were able to get out of. She apologized to me and was sincere. Luckily, Sasha was able to keep the dogs away and no dog was injured. I was really worried but I am proud of Sasha and quite impressed. 

- Oklahoma Tomcat
"Life is fragile, handle with care" 

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