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You Have Entered the Comedy Area

how do i embed images

picture of mario in a kart. sunglasses are badly edited onto him. there is text that says "you have entered the comedy area"

hell yeah

So... Welcome to my SpaceHey! I actually had an older one but I barely used it so now I'm starting anew.

Maybe I'll actually use this site some more now haha.

Ok it turns out idk what to talk about. Here's a song I listened to recently though:

I think it's a good song! Maybe I'll send some more songs I like in future posts.

Oh since I added a pic of mario earlier. I'm really excited for the new mario games! Super Mario Bros Wonder looks REALLY good!!! And I'm excited to actually play SMRPG all the way through on the switch ^w^.
I'm also excited for that Peach game. I wonder what it'll be about :O

Anyways, idk what else to talk about, so I think this'll be it from me for now.

See y'all whenever B)

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