let's kill each other for sport. we can call it war

doom scroll.

get high.

watch tv.

keep busy.

never stay alone with your thoughts.

what's the worst that could happen if you sit with your thoughts?

realise and recognise the pain you carry?

decide you don't actually like that friend of yours because you want to be treated with respect?

try to escape the suffocating feeling of resentment towards your family?

how you were betrayed?

and for fuck sake here comes rent day again.

what a load of bollocks.

the depths of your thoughts branch out into your circles. friendships, lovers, and family bonds. workplace. societal structures. war. war? war. famine. the climate crisis. suffocation. constricting thoughts. what once used to house a revolutionary fire within you is now home to despair and disappointment. why? because you alone will never and can never fix any of these things.

'this is how it's always been' they say.

has it?

pour over history. relentlessly record ourselves and our failures. the war criminal is happy with his victory but it is yet another failure of his kind.

decades of it. centuries of it. for millennia.

you are merely living in a timeline that has different perks and quirks of its time. there will be many more to come. it's always been like this.

has it really always been like this?

does it ever get better?

are we supposed to live this like this? battling each other.

this is our design. we evolved and it wasn't enough. what part of our brain is it that makes us this way? adamant to spread hatred. feed the ego. the bigger the ego, the bigger the violence. satiate the ego. victory isn't enough. we must dominate. and then what? for what?

we caged and shredded our predators so we became our own predators.

let's kill each other for sport. we can call it war.

is this really the best we can do?

are we not bored of the same predictable storyline? living in cycles. confined to cycles we are doomed to repeat. what for, exactly?

is this the best we can do?

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Interesting writing, I personally had a passing thought like this before and I think at some point each person had it before, the thing is that not everyone speaks about loudly or make it the center attention to deal with it for good, so it's like a dilemma or the new normal/get use to or something like that, it's nice to read such thoughtful things in here.

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truly! it becomes tiring,dwelling on such things. it's not good for us either. but it's not good living it either so what can we do? :) the dilemma becomes the paradox. im glad it resonated with you. we need to stick together. honour ourselves, each other, heal oneself so we can heal those around us. sending you lots of love

by asia₊‧°𐐪♡𐑂°‧₊dyers; ; Report

I appreciate your words as well :)
What we can do is the exact thing you said to me "we need to stick together. honour ourselves, each other, heal oneself so we can heal those around us." It's start from you to me to the other two people who commented in this blog and to the rest, it's like the spread of a virus but a good virus for the better of the humanity and the world.
You know honestly after all I have been through in my life and all that I have experienced and had and lived with etc.. I felt it all, sometimes I forget about myself and my whole like and think a bit of the way you wrote this blog, I do have many ideas but there is a famous saying "one hand don't clap by itself" it's like it needs many like-minded people to make it real, and from my opinion it can happen, and it's not a matter of WHEN but it's a matter of HOW, What's your point of view and your ideas about it all ?
Damn I can talk about this non-stop for days as of when I party non-stop for days or when I'm doing a risky business non-stop for days and will still gives me the same good unique feelings mixed with the adrenaline.

by Malko; ; Report

precisely. its all about creating community. and a space where we can all blossom and heal. its hard out there. i feel we are severely lacking community and a sense of 'oneness' which why we are seeing an increase in a divide and more hatefulness. especially since we came out of the pandemic. no one seems to acknowledge the depth and severity of this collective trauma weve experienced. i suppose we are so desensitised to it and our brains have just gone into overdrive. i dont know. all i know is we need more compassion and love. and from what youve briefly shared i hope you find peace and compassion in your life. whatever it is you do. we can share this moment together and know you have someone rooting for you from this corner of the internet and wishing you abundance and health in your waking life. you deserve happiness. we all deserve a good life! if you ever want to talk about anything im happy to open up my happy house to you. take care for now <3

by asia₊‧°𐐪♡𐑂°‧₊dyers; ; Report

You know the good part of it all is that even if there won't be a single community like the one you are talking about but still the things you hoped for and wanted to be happen and all this changes to the better it actually can happen once if the majority has the same way of thinking as yours, it's more like the good and positive inspiring things will spread as quick and easy as like all this bad and werid messy things happening all over the world for decades.
And it's true what you said about how many people's life, mentality and way of thinking etc.. has changed after pandemic, like something important in humanity's spirit has faded! But from my opinion it can be healing through time or if many good things came consistently.
And I appreciate your thoughtful and kind words so deeply :) I wish the same to you and you deserve as well all the good things and to be surrounded by people who has the same view about life and humanity as yours <3 and you are welcome anytime if you want to talk too, and honestly it has been always a unique pleasure to meet people like you in my life's journey, it doesn't happen that much but once it happens then at that moment you do had that feeling of connecting, experiencing and sharing something unique that will be added to that part of the spirit which makes sense of why you are living this life. :)

by Malko; ; Report


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I second June's comment!
So on point. A powerful post!

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a thousand thank yous. appreciate it. make love, not war etc etc etc...

by asia₊‧°𐐪♡𐑂°‧₊dyers; ; Report


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I honestly think you could get this published!

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