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i received an "i miss you" letter from my ex friend after 7 months (read a random's, aka me, gossip)

written 21/06/2023; posted 22/06/2023;

¡before reading, please be patient because english isn't my first language and im not vry good at it so, if there is anything nonsense, please don't mind it

good reading!

everything started last year, when we started to be friends. it used to be a group of 7 friends since 2021 when this girl (which i'm going to call "Alice") came to the school @ the beginning of the year. 

i'm not going into any deep details but after some weeks Alice started feeling comfortable in the class, having some few other friends outside the group. some stuff happened w her such as vaping @ class (which was shocking 4 a catholics skool and their students), talking shit, being bullied n more stuff.

with some time, because of her and another girl(gonna call her Sam), the group started to split up to the point that there was just me and them both.

yall must know that trios never work, i was the third one of the trio and Sam n Alice's friendship was fake asf, because of some shit that Sam did behind her back.

in the end of the year (december, aprox), Sam broke up w her bf, and of course, being the toxic one of the couple. i was already mad at her for all the stuff of the year and she was a bitch w my gf. tired asf, i simply had the idea of explaining her audios (of her saying that she was already liking another guy that her ex had some rivalry before they broke up, n also talking shit abt him) from the gc to her ex. then her ex explained the audios to her mom and then lot of shit happened. i wasn't expecting that, of course, i thought that her ex would keep the audios to himself.

obviously Sam got mad asf and wanted to take revenge, so she tried to tell my mom about my relationship that used to be secret at the time, without success because i blocked her on my mother's phone. 

after i told Alice what Sam did behind her back, — such as joking around her weight w her other friend group from out of the school, telling this same other group that she was a slut after she discovered that Alice used to "switch" nud3s with LOTS of older guys on her insta acc, being fake asf, etc — i SURELY expected her to be on my side but she chose to be sam's little dog. Alice told my mom about it and since then, i never really talked to them both.

now, after 7 months, yesterday to be more specific, i receive a letter @ the door of my building, with a strange voice at the buzzer that def wasnt hers at least she's been on some deeep shit. it was around the 3rd time she tried to contact me, and this one was apparently the most desperate one of them. the letter said sm like:

"hi, -----!

i miss you and as im blocked, im sending you this letter to apologize. 

IM SORRY for being an asshole and not have listened to you 


i wanted from the deep of my heart for you to explain to me what that ride (*scene, event) at the end of the year was [...] please send me a message to tell how things been doing 



translating from portuguese and shorting.

ik, im even kind of feeling pity for her, her tone in the letter and in the buzzer... both me and — mainly — my gf still feel resentment and she doesn't want me to contact alice. of course, i wont contact her under these conditions but im still curious to know what Sam did to her. 

good night yall

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you should probs just accept her apology and move on. if she treated you THAT shitty before there's nothing stopping her from doing it again, and if she has improved then she needs to get a grip and find new friends instead of going back to ex-friends.
i hope you have a better group of friends now, stay strong girlie <33

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