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Studied Japanese for... 6 HOURS!?!?!?!

ok so some people probably already know this but i've been learning japanese for a while now (actually, learning is a strong word. i've been trying to learn it for 2 years but doing it so inconsistently that i know nothing)

ANYWAYSSSS... i did a ton of studying today!! i studied from 8am to around 4pm with around 2 hours total of breaks (including meals + showering lol-)

i started with anki! i haven't done it in a while (took a year off, did 90 words in a day, took a day long break) i had around 60 words to get through, but i did it and i started filling out my new notebook! 

i watched some grammar vids and did some tae kim exercises because I FORGOT ALL MY GRAMMAR T-T but its ok!! i'm committing myself to remembering things this time!!! our failures do not define us!!!!

finally i did some kanji memorization (SNORE) but it was actually super fun!! i ended up doing half of it but wanting to continue so bad i did everything in my notebook and now i have almost 60 words down and it's only been 2 days!!

i want to keep studying... but i know i shouldnt..... my school starts in mid july T-T so i have to get back into a school schedule, so i'm gonna be going to bed at 9 tonight and getting up at 4am tomorrow (why do i do this to myself) but that means i can study!! 

ALSO!!! IM GOING TO SPAIN, ITALY, AND FRANCE FOR A SCHOOL TRIP IN LIKE 11 MONTHS AND IM SO EXCITED!!! i've been learning french for 2 years now because of school (will be 3 by the time i go) and i'm hyped to see how much more i learn being there :3

anyways bye babygirls ily <3 /p

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das so cool....

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