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I allowed this generator to pick this prompt because I'm pretty stoned and bored so allow me to relay some knowledge to you about Cocoa. Chocolate that you typically think of, that you would eat (ie. Hersheys etc.) isnt actually made completely with cocoa and only actually contains a low percentage of cacao. Making most of your typical chocolate not actually chocolate. Hence wording like "Milk Chocolate" "White Chocolate" etc. Cocoa beans are typically very expensive for companies to obtain, which lead to many cuts in the recipes used to make many of the chocolates we enjoy today. For years the chocolate industry utilizes child labor, in 2016 with 2/3 of the worlds cocoa supply coming from West Africa. In the 2015 U.S. labor department report, more than 2 million children were engaged in dangerous labor in cocoa-growing regions. So chances are, the chocolate bar you see sitting at your local drug store, may very well be a product of child labor. 

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