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the start of my weight gain journey :D

Ive always been under weight. As of now i am 15 years old almost 16 and have never been 100 lbs or more. today i saw one of my doctors and she told me that i had lost so much weight that i am now dangerously underweight. the last time i saw her i had lost about 10lbs and that was a couple months ago and now ive lost even more weight. I'm going to try to eat more and more because i have shrunk my stomach. I'm thinking if i log it on here and people see it, it might put some more pressure on me to eat more. So if  you would like, you can keep up with my weight gain here at my blog. I do not have an eating disorder. I just do not get hungry and it has been like that for the past 4 years or so. I am a 15 year old who is AFAB and 5"0. I live in and am from the US and have a slender build. my genetics are against me because my whole family is full of skinny people but im too skinny. im not sure what my BMI is atm but i'll check. I dont want weight gain/loss to be a "taboo" topic so if you have any questions or comments or constructive criticism i encourage you to share them with me!! Thank you for reading this and i hope to see you again!! :D

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Ashe. ☆彡

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i reccomend eating lots of protein and/or weight gain drinks, and eating high density foods. GOOD LUCK!! :>>>

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good luck!

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im glad you are trying to better yourself!! i wish you the best of luck :D

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