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did not expect this

Holy shit bro my visa application is genuinely moving forward im fucking terrified if it doesnt go all the way through im going to cry.

its so exciting and nervewracking bro

Also been arguing w my managers over something i strongly disagree with to the point my managers manager stepped in, argued with him and now i have a formal meeting with him in a few weeks.

There's so much going on where i work that is wrong and i dont agree with. I'm not backing down on this one and i have 0 support. My own manager doesnt like me and doesnt support me and no one in the office will speak up really. More people have been speaking up but its like only to defend themselves. I would speak up for any of my coworkers as long as i agreed with the issue. I even speak up for other departments that dont affect me at all, just because i can see wrong things happening and no one else talking about it.

Along with the meeting in a few weeks ive been told my conduct is bad and theyre fucking up all my scores. Pretty likely they'll move to fire me. I'll keep fighting this bullshit till the very end and if I really believe they'll fire me i'll resign.

i dont hate anyone but these people disgust me. Its literally talked about and well known how badly run my floor is. And im not allowed to leave my floor until Jan 2024. I really dont think i can stick it out till then, tensions are running too high im literally having a formal hearing about my work scores. We get graded like we're fucking children AND the grades are inaccurate. 

I hate that a bunch of bullshit people and bullshit systems are gonna fuck me out of an otherwise great opportunity. Cause thats what my job is. Its an incredible opportunity some people would kill for. Im not taking it for granted ik how blessed i am. But i also physically cant lay down and take shit, especially not from some middle aged ass white men named luke and jack lmaoooooooo get the fuck out my face headass


goin to see travis scott, lil uzi, carti, metro boomin and maybe lil yachty, joey badass, ken carson, zack fox and bryson tiller and yeat but we'll see. Depends what time i get there cus theres a huge mansion party my friend is throwing that day so the plan is hit the party then cut and go catch the end of the concert to see travis scott. carti, metro and uzi are all on another day so ill see all of em.

so yeah to recap;

might be getting fired, might be getting my visa accepted, might be moving in w my friend, might lose my mind

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