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i love my grandma and granny...

just feeling lots of love for my grandma and granny. <3 my grandma is helping me by using her insane leatherwork skills to make ren a pair of legit leather gloves for his keith cosplay so he can stop rebuying pairs of cheap, pleather spirit halloween gloves. and it's just so sweet that she's always willing to help out! and my granny has sent us so many quilts that she's made us and i love them so dearly

i'm sending a pair of ren's old gloves to her to make the pattern, and i'm also crocheting them a stuffed bear to send in the box :) they really love bears and their whole house is full of them, so i'm happy i can make them one! they only ever accept gifts from my siblings and i that are homemade <3 which is very funny to me that they're so insistent about it

it's just kind of rare for me to feel strong familial love (lol) so i feel like it's noteworthy and worth saying so when i do!

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