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hiieieiei :3 i js thought to do a dni and byi here so :P

BYI!☆ (Before You Interact) 

im Ashe as you know, you can check my about me for pronouns and other stuff but I am a minor. Just so other know, I can take a while to respond when people message me. Im also in a est time zone. I take a while to respond because I sometimes get very overwhelmed or stressed when being messaged. Please keep this in mind. I also use tone tags because its hard for me to read tones sometimes. Im sorry if I come off mean. 

DNI.☆ (Do Not Interact) 

・ableist people, racists, homophobes, transphobes, sexists, etc. 

・proshitters and comshitters 


・ppl who support/tolerate any of the above

・ppl who don't believe/think asexual or aromantic people exist (im ace-spec)

thats it for now, thx :P ill prolly add more later but yeah!!! have a good day

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