Hey Tyler, great to chat with you! For anyone new to your music, how did you start TANGELO?

Thanks for inviting me, Joseph!

I'd had the band name and a few of the songs quite a number of years before launching the project. Even when I played in other bands, there were certain songs that I knew were better suited to TANGELO. It wasn't until the pandemic started and I found myself stranded in Mexico that I really started to focus on this particular project. I recorded everything on Garageband, only just my guitar, a basic interface and cheap microphone. The only bass I could find was from my friend who is left handed, so i played all the bass parts upside down.

Who would you say is your musical idol?

Without a doubt, Julian Casablancas. The first two Strokes records have played an extremely important part in my life, musically and personally. He basically composed every part of those songs on those albums. Listening to those records influenced my guitar playing a lot, the symphonic nature of the parts and the way you make two guitars really work as an interplay as opposed to the standard lead/rhythm dynamic. That guy is more than just a good voice. He's a genius.

Which track from your debut EP 'No Holiday' best represents you, and which track is the most fun to perform live?

'No Holiday' (the title track) is definitely the most personal song, so I guess it's the most representative of me as a person. It's the last song I wrote for the EP and I guess is kind of a recap of the last few years of my life. Sonically it also brings in the broadest group of influences so I think it also represents the sound of the project.

'Best Friend' is probably the most fun to play live. It always gets a good response and we often use it to open the set. It's a simple song, so it's an easy to belt out and get the show off to a good start.

Is there a particular starting point for you with new music, or do you just go with the flow at any given time?

My writing process is pretty varied. Sometimes I get really lucky and an idea comes out of the blue and I can write the whole thing, chords, melody, lyrics in a day. Other times, I have one or two parts for months or even years and I really have to work at it to get the song to where I want it to be. 'No Holiday', for example was 6 months of almost daily work. It nearly killed me, that one.

How did you find the live music scene in Mexico, and how important is live music to you as an artist?

I love playing live. It's literally the only moment in which I am truly happy and present. I always write with the live set in mind, which is why the songs are so guitar-based.

The Mexican music scene is really thriving. It's been cool to start the project out here in the 'aftermath' of the pandemic because so many cool acts started during lockdown.

In the state of Guanajuato, where I live, there is a really cool local scene. Lots of good shoegaze/post punk bands who are making the rounds at the moment.

What’s next for you creatively and is there anything else we should know?

I'm about to launch a new single, my first release in spanish which is called 'Pinche Vato' (out 19 Oct). I'm really excited to make the project bilingual and pay respect to my Mexican friends!

Tyler interviewing Joseph:

Hey Joseph, thanks for giving me the opportunity to speak with you. For anyone new to your music, how did you start Theredspirit? And how did you come up with the name?

Hey Tyler! Long before Theredspirit, I was writing songs and recording demos ever since my last year of high school. Over the years the original songs accumulated and I would even write on breaks during work or the weekends off. One day during fall of 2019, It just dawned on me that it was time to start putting myself out there. Almost like a sudden realization, like an epiphany of sorts. I would adopt the name Theredspirit and release my self-titled EP later that November.

It's a funny story, where I got my name. First of all, it was my Instagram handle and it was inspired from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Where Zuko is dubbed the name The Blue Spirit when he was in disguise trying to capture the avatar to regain his honor. Initially I wanted to be incognito releasing my music but ultimately I decided against that. Knowing showing my face would be more impactful. My artist name would have been ‘thebluespirit’ but that was already taken.

What kind of music were you listening to as a teenager and how has that inspired what you are doing?

I was listening to a lot of Blink-182 and The Beatles. The list could go forever of what I was listening to! But something about those two bands really struck a chord in me. I really related to Blink-182’s untitled album and loved the dual vocals throughout that album. I could say the same thing about The Beatles. So effortlessly harmonizing in their songs. Which I consider masterpieces. I adore their songwriting and lyrics. Each one of the beatles had a unique approach to writing and I really like analyzing all of that while listening to them. They really inspire me to make a easy listening, catchy songs that are deep that everyone can relate to and enjoy.

Your new EP ‘Apart From the Heart’ is fantastic! How did you go about recording the record? What’s your favourite song? and why?

Thank you! All the home recording really fell into place. Had some of these songs in my head for years. And I recorded some of these songs as demos multiple times. My number one rule is to always record an acoustic version of the song first and then add to it like a painting. The most challenging part for me in the recording process was the mixing. I feel like I spent forever just making sure the songs sounded good before I could label them as done and sending them to get mastered. The balance, dynamics, loudness and most importantly how they feel to me was important.

My favorite song personally is I Live In The Moment. I just love how it turned out. The whole meaning of the song about not being afraid and not regretting. It’s all about that risk. Don’t be scared of anything or to love.. To leave all worries behind. I really took my time on recording and mixing this song, continuing on and off whenever I would feel inspired. A good 6 months before I could call it done. It was always written as a duet in mind and Isen's presence really added another layer to the song I didn't expect. I feel really lucky and honored to have her featured on the song. She made the song even more special to me than it already is. Very grateful and very proud of I Live In The Moment.

What’s your process for writing a song? Where do you start and how do you know it’s finished?

Typically I would have some kind of chord progression or some kind of rough song from strumming my guitar. And while playing, I would sing anything and everything. Whatever I'm feeling at the moment. You know If it's good I'll keep note of it, write it down and continue whenever I feel inspired. I’ve also gotten some pretty good song lyrics from watching movies. Some of those lines really hit you and stick with you. When a song is finished I feel satisfied with it. Like I feel the urge to record what I just made! More importantly if the song feels good to you, then it’s good.

How has living in a creative hub like LA inspired your music? Do you feel the pressure of living in such a big city with such a large scene or does it inspire you?

I have felt the pressure of making music, living in LA. I’m just another Filipino dude. I think it's one of the reasons why I didn't start immediately and putting my songs out there. You know see all these talented musicians and you have also a lot of critics. I really had to look within to find inspiration and just accept that.. Listen, just because you might perceive some artists to be better than you, doesn’t mean your relationship with your art has to stop. You don't have to be the best musician or be better than your heroes. You go out there and make your own thing, your own story, and that's gonna come from your heart.

What’s next for you creatively and is there anything else we should know?

I will continue creating music with hopes to uplift everyone’s spirit and hope to entertain through my songs. Let’s give meaning to our life through music! I do have some songs in the works. Stay tuned!

My newest EP ‘Apart From Your Heart’ is out now for streaming on all platforms.



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