Mini Art Dump (again)

Hii again guys, I wanted to share more of my art here and hopefully find some more art friends! Some of these are ocs, some art Fanart— I’ll explain what each one is, as usual 

This is my oc Basir! The second image is a drawing I made of him in around 2021. I kept his design largely the same, I just decided to experiment with his skin tone and values a bit more. I thought it would be cute if his hair was a more similar color to his skin, while still keeping a little contrast. 

And ofc we have his hooked nose ❤️❤️ It was a bit hard to draw because I couldn’t find the references I needed, but in the end I’m happy with how I drew him in this sketch 

Some Adopts I did on toyhouse for a raffle! I normally design very average, modern, etc ocs so these were really out of my comfort zone. In the end I think they’re cute and I hope th winners enjoy them!

Butters!! The second one as a request:)

my oc Aki. If you’ve seen my other blogs you may be familiar with Evelynn— this is Aki her bf :D

Random character idk I just drew this as I got ideas. I’d definitely go back and fix the shadows and planes of their face if I could but I hate to make alterations to drawings just bc I don’t like them (only when I get something wrong in the design)

Moxie! This is @GrizzyPlays oc on twitter! I thought she was cute and at the time I had just gotten my Wacom so I used this as an experiment! (For context I drew this in December)

Anyways, what do you think? I hope you guys like my drawings! There are still many aspects where I have to improve but my progress is steady!!

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Wow ur art is so amazinggg

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Thank you so much!! I’m working on it :D

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