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fuck i am so good

not listening to something i created for a while and then checking it out again is the best thing for my ego. as i work on stuff and get to know it all so well i get so used to it, it becomes so mundane. i like it, but it becomes trite.

and then i listen to it some months later, some years later, and WHOO. i bump hard with it and then i remember YO THAT'S ME, I MADE THAT, I THOUGHT OF THAT!!! and then my ego is through the roof THE ROOF...

anyway you should totally listen to my discography. all of it. it is not all "good", but at least i can claim i tried and, if nothing else, had some neat ideas for 99% of it. i am so goated.

a tip to make it sound better: louder is better. i don't know why, maybe it is just me, but my music- feel- sounds far more dynamic when the volume is up uP UP. don't destroy your ears tho thanks.

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yo serial experiments in vain goes hard

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dude, thank you, i agree these days.

initially it only went up because other friends heard it and told me they'd like to have them, but now that i have had my space from the songs, i agree with them. seiv goes hard

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just listening to it now---- so good!!! gonna buy on bc and burn 2 cd me thinks

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glad you like it dude!! this truly means a lot :):):)

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not sure if it is intentional but the reference to bela lugosi's dead at the start of PART TWO really hooked me :)

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**start of deuterotype!!

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surprisingly i never got into much goth music. at most i have a talking heads record and am a big fan of the horrors' early works, but can't say i ever really sat down to listen to bauhaus (which is a shame because the sounds they exhibit are exquisitely... basement...)

that is to say, until this moment, it indeed was not intentionally a reference to bela lugosi's dead.

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