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Warhammer Infodump - 20/06/23


I wrote this once over, but it didn't save! Now I have to redo it ]-: I'm experimenting with a new layout, let me know how you like it! 

SPACE WOLVES - Masters at close-range combat

The Space Wolves, A.K.A - The Sky Warriors of Russ or the Vlka Fenryka (Wolves of Fenris in the local language), are the VI (6th) legion of the Imperium. They are known for their brutality and loyalty to the emperor, despite not being fully codex compliant. (They deviate the most out of any loyal legion, some chapters however do deviate more however). They are well known for their ferocity in battle, and their defiance of authority. They are considered by most to the be the greatest warriors of the loyalist Astartes Chapters. (More on why they are a chapter now later.)

They reside on their homeworld Fenris, classified as a 'Death World'. (Death Worlds are planets that are classified as unsuitable for widespread human settlement by the Imperium. This can be due to many reasons, most typically due to geographical issues - Vast jungles, snowy wastelands, volcanic erruptions, toxic atmosphere, e.c.t. These planets are sometimes inhabited by settlements of the Astra Millitarum (Guardsmen) and sometimes are even the homeworlds of the Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines)).

Their fortress-monastery is called 'The Fang', it sits atop the highest mountain of the planet and is considered to be one of the most impenetrable fortresses in the galaxy. Built by the mechanicus during the Great Crusade with technology that is now lost to time, it stands strong, absorbing power from the molten core of the planet. It has since been extended to cover other mountains on the range. It has never, in it's entire history, been broken into. (Unless you count that one time the Thousand Son's briefly occupied one of the slopes of the mountain after luring the majority of the Space Wolves away.)

Who is their Primarch?


Leman Russ! (A.K.A The Wolf KingThe Great WolfThe Lord of Winter and War or as I like to call him, Lemon Rust!) He's my favourite Primarch! (And Sanguinius and Vulkan)

When the Primarchs where scattered across the galaxy, Leman landed on Fenris. He was adopted by a she-wolf and raised by her alongside her cubs. Villagers set out to kill the dangerous wolves, and Leman fought to protect his pack. He slayed 12 of them, before one noticed that he was human. Only he and the twins survived, they were taken to the King. He proved himself worthy and was taken in by him, quickly learning their ways and language. It was said he could steer entire armies without receiving a single scratch, he was the loudest, the bravest and the strongest. He earnt the name "Leman of the Russ" when he finally proved he was 'human' enough. They said he could tear trees out of the ground and break them over his back (Never have I ever wanted to be a tree more badly in my life), he could wrestle mammoths and win. When the King died, he was kinda thrown into the position. Nobody could deny that he was the most deserving of the title.

When Big E (The Emperor) heard of this King, he knew it was one of his lost sons. He set out to meet his long lost son, and entered his court in a disguise. Leman did not believe the strange old man was the big E. He challenged him to a series of duels, the first one was an eating challenge. Big E lost. The second was a drinking game, Big E lost. The third one, was hand-to-hand combat. Big E actually won this one, and being the fair loser Lemon Rust is, he submit to him and said that he would serve the Emperor. He met quickly learnt High Gothlic (took him a couple days but like, thats a whole new language). He met Horus (The only other primarch who had been found), who did not like him (He was too 'barbaric' for his liking), but he still desired friendship and wanted to brawl with his brother. He was appointed head of the newly named 'Space Wolves' Legion.

But aren't they a Chapter? Yes, the legion split into two. One kept their legion's name, the other was called the Wolf Brothers, however it was disbanded due to their mutations. There have since been other chapters split off from the Space Wolves.

All about their Gene-seed

Space Wolf gene-seed is entirely regular, apart from the addition of the Canis Helix A.K.A The Spirit of the Wolf. It gives the Space Wolves their unique and animalistic nature, as well as sharper and harder canine teeth. It also enhances their senses and reaction time. Their uncontrollable aggression that borders on a barbaric frenzy is believed to be due to the overstimulation of their senses on the battlefield. The effects of their modified gene-seed only became apparent over time, the psychological effects appearing earliest in those who survived a troublesome implantation process.

The instability of this mutation was soon discovered, it would lead to a mental and physical breakdown that would leave them more monster than man. The Instability was improved after the Legion's re-unification with it's Primarch, the legion refers to the gene-seed breakdown crisis as the "Curse of the Wulfen". The 'curse' has remained, although it is rare for it to break through. However, when the final act of the Battle of Prospero occurred, a psychic cataclysm caused the curse to fly into effect. This led to the 13th great company of the chapter to fall to the curses terrible effects, hundreds where lost. 

In the present era (the late 41st Millennium), the Canis Helix is derived from a unique segment of the genome of the Chapter's Primarch and it a genetic catalyst drunk by the Chapter's Aspirants. Once it has been drunk, the aspirants begin their physical transformation, becoming Astartes (Maybe I'll make a blogpost on the process of becoming an Astarte someday). However, the Canis Helix is still unstable and can lead to the Astarte becoming a feral, lipine mutant (Known as a Wulfen) at any point. Keeping control and refusing to give into the wild tendancies of the Wulfen is what defines a Space Wolf Astarte from the rest.

Armour & Weapons


Pre Horus Heresy, their armour was gunmetal grey, with runes carved into it. These runes had many meanings, depending on location and relation to the marine. The runes where symbols of the marines good deeds, telling a story of his work. They also occasionally had a fur trim.  

Post Horus Heresy, their armour is currently a blue-grey, with reds and yellows as highlights - although other colours are sometimes used. Their armour is adorned with tokens taken from Fenrisian Wolves - pelts, tails & teeth being the most common. Their Great Company symbols vary, the symbols being taken from their homeworld's mythology and always being related to the 12 great wolves. The different warbands may have differing symbols, but it is always related to wolves.

Pack markings - How they distinguish squads (to my knowledge - I could be wrong), it can also be used to distinguish the crew's of ships. Pack markings are usually worn on the right shoulder plate, with the company designator marking on their left.

Weapons - Helfrost Weapons, Frost Swords & Axes, Belts of Russ, Runic Armour, Fellblades, Glaives, Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts, Fire Raptor Gunships. Blind Grenades, Plasma Grenades, Photon flash bombs, melta missiles, anti-plant missiles and Plasma Missiles are rarely used by the chapter.

Chapter Beliefs

I mentioned that they are not codex compliant, but I didn't go into detail about them. I'm lazy, so I'll list them and give a brief description.

 - Mythology of their homeworld - They are taught the mystic legends of star-striding wolves, horrendous monsters and brave heros. The Emperor is refered to as the 'Allfather'. They are taught the horrors of sorcery and are raised to not trust advanced technology. They are one of the most superstitious legions due to their connections with their homeworld's mythology.

Death - They refer to their souls are threads, when a Space Marine dies, his thread has been severed. Space Wolves are generally burned in a pyre, rather than buried in a crypt. If an important, high-ranking or respected member dies, a sending away feast is held in his honor. Before the meal starts, stories of the deceased past are told, lengthy breaks are taken between each tale. The ritual feasts can last for an indeterminate amount of time, it all depends on how many great stories the member had of them. It can last for solar days - even weeks! During the feast, the doors are sealed and nobody can leave until it is complete. The longest one recorded was the feast commemorating Heoroth Longfang of the Tra Company, this took place during the Great Crusade and 432 separate tales were told!

In the present era, the Space Wolve's do occasionally burry their dead, however it is much more common for them to be burned at the peak of Mount Krakgard, or buried in the Tomb of Garm, where the relic Spear of Russ is held, or the Tomb of Harek Ironhelm.

Traditions - 

   - Eye of Aversion - This symbol is used to ward off evil and sorcery, it is carved into a wall during battle and scratched off when the area is clear.

   - Fenrys Hjolda - Known as Rout-Masks, these are made of leather and bone and are used to scare off Maleficarum (Daemons)

   - Primordial Annihilator - This is a term used by the Space Wolve's to refer to the fell powers and taint of Chaos.

   - Important Runes - Runes allow for the Space Wolves to see the future, this helps them advise the Chapter's Wolf Lords and the Wolf King.

     - Adjarr (Blood)

     - Fengr (The Wolf Within)

     - Gmorl (Fate)

     - Hjarz (Ice-Rune)

     - Ragnarok (Ending)

     - Rhozan (Daemon Ward)

     - Sfar (Daemon Ward)

     - Trysk (Ice)

     - Zhaz (Daemon Ward)

Wolves of Fenrisian Mythology - The Aspirants are told that the Wolves fight beside them in battle, whether at home or at another place within the stars. Each of the 12 Great Companies take it's symbol and battle style from one of the 12. Each wolf teaches a different lesson, leading to the Space Wolves being among the most noble of Astartes. Each Space Wolf struggles with the 13th wolf, the cursed Wulfen that resides within their soul. (12 + some Godlike entites)

     - The Blackmane - The deadliest of all the Fenrisian Wolves

     - The Bloodied Hunter - The wolf of the hunt, the most feral.

     - The Dark Wolf - A loner who stalks his prey from the shadows, he never howls nor growls, symbolizes death - he is believed to be the one who severs threads.

     - Drekan the Thunderwolf - The most powerful in raw strength alone.

     - The Fire Breather - Lives in the largest volcano, causes the volcano to erupt when angry

     - The Fire Wolf - Brings the arrival of summer

     - Freki and Geri - Twins from the pack that raised Leman, his 'brothers'. Represents teamwork.

     - The Great Devourer - A wolf who devourers a star, not much is known of this symbol

     - Haegr the Mountain Wolf - Teaches the SW's to endure the hardships of the environment with no complaint, he teaches endurance.

     - The Ice Wolf - Killed by Leman and had it's Fang turned into a blade - called the Syellbrandr

     - The Iron Wolf - Teaches the Sons of Russ the value of craftsmanship.

     - Lakkan, the Runed Wolf - Symbolises the mysteries of runes, and a totem to the Rune Priests.

     - Lokyar, The Lone Wolf - Teaches the Wolf Scouts that sometimes wolves must fight alone.

     - Morkai - Like their version of Cerberus, Leman made him the protector of the underworld.

     - The Night Runner - Icon of Great Wolf Logan Grimnar's Great Company currently.

     - Ranek, The Hidden Wolf - He teaches the Young Wolves the importance of stealth

     - The Sea Wolf - A totem for sailors and those who fight on the waves.

     - The Spirit Wolf - A totem of spiritual protection; wards off corruption and possession when near a daemon and protects while traveling through the 'Sea of Souls' (The Warp)

     - The Sun Wolf - He is the sun, and he leaves his den each morning to shine on the world

     - Thengir, The Wolf King - Represents Fenris and the Fang.

     - Torvold, The Far-sighted - He see's all, teaches the Wolves to be observant.

     - The Wolf of the Red moon - Essentially Satan, claims the bodies of the fallen that are unworthy of entering the halls of Morkai, resides in the seven hells of Fenris. 

     - The Wold that Stalks between Stars - The totem of Leman Russ, teaches them that no matter how far they stray, they bring the glory of Fenris wherever they go.

     - The Wulfen - The cursed 13th wolf, represents madness and must be kept under control

Hunts - There are two kinds of hunts - The Great Hunt and the Beast-Hunts

     - The Beast-Hunts - Typically ritualistic hunting for feasts, they are not allowed to return without the carcass of an animal in hand.

     - The Great Hunt - Like a crusade, not for food but for an object the Imperium needs.

There are so many notable Space Wolves )-: idk who to pick!!


Thanks for reading! Let me know if you liked this, and what you'd like to hear about next! Until next time!!

- CJ

A/N - OHH MYY GODD this took so long! (2 and a half hours) This was really fun to write though!

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