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Why is everyone so angry?

i noticed this like a year ago. People online have just gotten so much more negative .. like doxxing people over a disagreement? or bullying & sheep mentality lol. i've seen sooooo many comment sections for creators switch up because people aren't able to form their own opinions. :| like gee its so hard to be yourself because people r just so miserable. like i guess your life must suck if you're using the anonymous aspect of the internet to be a bully lol

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the pandemic definitely had something to do with this but i feel like something else also at play here. like it can't JUST be the pandemic fucking with ppl

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i 100% agree

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dude ur so right. ive been so scared to interact with ppl on the internet for so long for this reason until i joined heyspace

its like a lot of ppl just act like their words don't hurt ppl or that everyone cant be themselves like u said, its sad tbh ;d

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