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im tired

does anyone else can't help but imagine themselves in another reality, or another reality in general? like my spiderman oc au in an universe where there are 3 spiderpeople (all my ocs), or that object show concept i daydream about daily, or just one thats better. im so tired of having to come back to this reality. 

eventually ill have to grow up, stop being a kid, and focus on my studies, and get a job, then thatll be it for the rest of my life. i can study and change careers, but theres little i can do to make each and every day more different. but me in my spiderman oc au? i have a more interesting goal of living up to be as good and resiliant as the other 2 spiderpeople in the universe! im getting injured daily, but im meeting new villains, and travelling, and i have 2 fluent friends that are irl! irl though? im usually just the kid whos weird and hated by a good chunk of people. maybe i have irl friends, but we dont even talk much. and im always too anxious of my future, but can never focus enough to try to fix my future.

i wish there was a way to just change realities into my dream one.

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