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Spacehey Movie Club

Over the past week and change, our founding members have been working hard to set up a new, exclusive movie watching club for the most elite of spacehey users. We're still deciding on details, but the gist of the club so far is that it'll just be a group of buds watching movies over the internet every now and then. If you're wondering why something so seemingly simple needs to be an invite-only club, it's because A. The members of Spacehey Movie Club are all really cool. And B. We've found that creating spacehey themed communities on other platforms often deteriorates the quality of interactions on the official site, so we have put a decent bit of effort into making sure that we can do this in a way that keeps us a spacehey community first and foremost, but the tradeoff is that we only have a limited capacity for membership.

All of that said, we're now at a point where we have most of our infrastructure set up and we're gearing up for some minor stress testing, so we need members.

If you're interested in joining, here's what you need to do:

  1. Be friends with an existing member.
  2. Express interest to them about joining.
  3. Wait for our secret cult rituals to approve or deny you.
That's it! At this point, you'll either get an invitation to join, or you won't!

Spacehey Movie Club


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