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a snippet of my short story!! X3

"i dont want to go yet either... this place is... actually quite beautiful."

it sobs into her shoulder. "i know, i know it really is." its voice is full of despair, rich in sorrow knowing that it may never experience its life the same way again. she looks down at the destruction below.

"so, i guess this is our death."

"i suppose so."

"it was beautiful knowing you. it was beautiful knowing humans and earth and everything. it was beautiful loving you,"

"it was painful loving."

she turns her head and stares at it, "was it worth it then, loving humans and their home? loving me?" her voice betrays her steady face, trembling in desperation.

"it was worth every agonising second. i love you. i love you even if we are erased and built again. God will tear us apart until we are space dust, until we are atoms and i will still love you. our atoms will crash into each other and maybe then we will never be separated."

she holds it tighter. "how poetic." it giggles into her shoulder.

they feel it before it hits them both. a bomb, a big one. "i will enjoy this death," she whispers, smiling, as they feel the heat burn their bodies, charring the both of them. the heat fuses their flesh together, becoming one. two angels together in life and in death. 

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